Springboard - Brighton & Hove Performing Arts Festival - provides a unique platform for Music and Drama students to perform in a friendly and encouraging environment.

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2015 Festival Highlights 

Springboard's evening of highlights was a spectacular success with over 250 people in the audience including the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Denise Cobb and Springboard's generous main sponsor Professor Christopher Liu of Tongdean Eye Clinic. The variety and standard, as well as the atmosphere of the whole event, impressed the enthusiastic audience.

Over 40 performers took part in solos, duos and a choir. Musicians and actors of all ages presented an outstanding selection of what Springboard had seen and heard over the previous March weekends, from classical guitar, singing, doublebass, cello, viola, violin, piano, flute, clarinet and cornet to poetry and plays.

As one audience member said 'I was at the highlights concert on Saturday 28th March and was delighted by the unbelievably high standard of the performances'.

Thank you from Springboard to all who took part in this memorable event.


Musicians of All Saints, at St Michael's Church, The High Street, Lewes (by the traffic lights opposite Westgate Chapel)

Saturday 25 April 2015 at 4.30pm

Once again, the Musicians of All Saints are featuring a selection of advanced musicians from the 2015 Festival.


BYO Soloists

We had a wonderful selection of young musicians playing concertos in the 2014 Festival, with Olivia Scheepers and Chihang Long being offered an appearance with the Brighton Youth Orchestra during their present season. 



Springboard Festival has finished for 2015
Thank you to everyone who supported us and for some stunning performances.
And thanks to all who took the time to send us messages of congratulations and good wishes.
We look forward to seeing you all next year.
Springboard 2015 - What people are saying so far...
"What a terrific festival! Thank you for making all this possible and making us so welcome. You all gave us so much encouragement and fun." - Teacher
"My beginner players and their parents and grandparents loved it! It really was a great success and the adjudicator had a lovely way with them all. I am certain that they will want to come back next year." - Teacher
"We joined in this year for our first time and found it is an excellent event." - Parent
“Thank you for another wonderful Springboard day. The kids really enjoy being there, performing and the feedback. The workshop was beautiful and interesting to watch.”  - Parent
“Thank you so much for the lovely day that my daughter had at Springboard. She really enjoyed it and was most impressed with the adjudicator. She said that he was very nice and REALLY good.” - Parent
"Springboard is a wonderful festival which clearly owes its success to the huge commitment and support from those involved on the ground." - Adjudicator
“I had such a good time and it was great to hear such a wealth of young talent. The organisation was terrific.” - Adjudicator
"...a wonderful weekend of energy, warmth and talent. It was delightful to have so much organisation in place. This allowed me to concentrate on what I was doing. The standard was so high...I will remember with joy my time at Springboard." - Adjudicator


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07599 547 604
07599 547 604

Riley in C

Steve Dummer led the Riley in C workshop on the first Springboard weekend with a large group of people of all ages... to read more click here



Fabulous Film Music Fun

with Rosanna Whitfield
Move over Morricone! With the film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966) movie on screen, our creative force of wind players... to read more click here



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Our main sponsor

We are delighted to announce that
Professor Christopher & Mrs Vivienne Liu of Tongdean Eye Clinic have agreed to continue their sponsorship of Springboard Festival





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