Springboard - Brighton & Hove Performing Arts Festival - provides a unique platform for Music and Drama students to perform in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Springboard festival - Brighton & Hove



The Musicians of All Saints Tea Concert took place on Sunday 24 April at 4.30pm at St Michael's Church, High Street, Lewes.


The concert included the following musicians who all gave a short recital as part of the afternoon:


Eliette Harris - violin

Leah Hallinon - flute

Valeria Guidotti - soprano

Berniya Hamie - cello and piano

Riya Hamie - cello and piano


It was a well-attended concert and our players were received enthusiastically.




British and International

Federation of Festivals ~

Annual Conference



Springboard performers represented the South East region of the British and International Federation of Festivals at their annual conference held in October at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton. We were very proud of all of them, and their performances were warmly appreciated by delegates.


Thank you to Alexander Baker, Nara Clapperton, Ursula Eastwood, Eliette Harris, Finn Hoyte, Jacob Page and Dilara Sahin.




Brighton Youth Orchestra


Selected participants in the Senior Concerto class are invited to perform with the Brighton Youth Orchestra.  Esther Kim (pictured right) appeared with them in 2015 playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.




Springboard Festival has finished for 2016.  Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Congratulations to the Festival Winners.  Details appear under general information.


LOST PROPERTY:  A coat and a camera were left at the Festival.  Please contact Kathy Palmer on 07599547604 or via email admin@springboardfestival.co.uk if either of these belong to you.




Springboard - What people said ...

“Thank you very much for such a successful day.  It was lovely to see the string workshops and hear everyone playing and the children really enjoyed it.  She was a wonderful adjudicator and her personalised feedback was really very helpful and considered.”  Parent


“I loved the weekend!  Springboard is a really interesting festival because the workshops mean that there is some real contact with the children and hopefully, that stimulates more interest for the future.”  Adjudicator


“The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming and provided a place to get the very best out of the students, so thank you!  Quite a different experience from other festivals I have been involved in.  I thought the adjudicator was excellent.  I loved how she addressed each student in a really helpful, positive way and she was absolutely spot on in her observations and advice.”  Teacher


“My daughter so enjoyed her whole experience at the Festival.   It is so beautifully organised and the adjudicators are so encouraging.  It is wonderful to hear so many children playing, some of them truly exceptional!”  Parent




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Sprinboard Festival is very grateful for the continuing sponsorship of Professor Christopher & Mrs Vivienne Liu of Tongdean Eye Clinic 






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Springboard Photography
Springboard Photography
Springboard Photography
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