Concerto Rules

  • All works are own choice and should be the first or last movement of a concerto or a piece with orchestra of similar stature. Two contrasting movements from a baroque concerto are also acceptable. In classes 901 and 902 WOODWIND AND BRASS competitors may play one or two movements of a concerto. Springboard can accommodate concertos for solo Piano only, but welcomes both solo and double works for other instruments.
  • There are no time limits for these classes but please state on the entry form which work will be performed, with approximate timing.
  • Only the performances of the soloist(s) will be adjudicated. Orchestral parts must be played as a Piano arrangement; this may be played by a professional.
  •  Copies of music or scores are required for the Adjudicator for all classes.
  •  Entrants must organise an accompanist where needed.

Please contact Heather Cowl  01273 770310 if you wish to discuss your choice of concerto.