Piano Rules

Music to be played in every piano class is the performer’s own choice.

  1. One piece only to be played in each class unless otherwise stated (as in Classes 205, 206, 217, 226, 227, 231, Recital and Duet classes).
  2. Any piece of music may be played only once in the Festival, except when used in the Final of the Junior or Senior Championship.
  3. Graded Classes – Music chosen for the Graded Classes does not have to be from an exam syllabus but can include any style of music, including jazz, with the exception of Rule 5b – see below. The adjudicator’s decision as to the acceptable grading of the performer’s chosen piece will in all cases be final. The Piano Secretary will be happy to give advice on this.
  4. Time limits. Performers are asked to pay close attention to the time limit for each class. A performance that is over the time limit may not receive a mark in a competitive class.
  5. Jazz and light music
    a) Arrangements from shows will be accepted in Classes 220, *242 – *245.
    b) An arrangement of light music will be accepted in Graded Classes only if it is from a current or past syllabus of an established exam board.
  6. Repeats are not required unless Da Capo or Dal Segno is marked.
  7. A copy of the music to be performed must be brought to the festival for the adjudicator to refer to during the performance. Photocopies are acceptable but will be destroyed immediately after the class.
  8. Performers are expected to announce the composer and title of the piece(s) they will be playing clearly and audibly at the start of their performance.