Donating a prize

In common with similar organisations, Springboard is facing sharply increased costs. One way you can help is by funding one of the many small cash awards we offer. We currently offer cash prizes totalling more than £1,200. Funding of £925-worth of awards by generous donors has helped reduce our costs, but we are still trying to cover the remaining £280.

A list below shows the awards for which Springboard is still seeking donors.

If you feel able to help, decide which award(s) you would like to fund, and make a note of the class number/code and the value of the award. Then enter the information, along with your details, in the form provided here, which will be forwarded to the Springboard Hon Treasurer. This is very important as we need to know who is funding which prize and how you wish to be acknowledged. It also gives you an opportunity to sign a Gift Aid Declaration, if this is appropriate.

The simplest thing from our point of view would be for you to set up a Standing Order, but if you feel unable to do that, please pay by BACS if possible. The details are as follows:

Springboard Ltd.
Charities Aid Foundation Bank (CAF)
Sort Code 405240
Account No. 00012445

Please be aware that CAFBank is not part of the scheme by which the larger banks verify each other’s accounts so you may get a warning message to that effect. This means that you have to take responsibility for ensuring that you fill in the correct bank details.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please post a cheque payable to ‘Springboard Ltd’ to:
Springboard Festival, c/o Ali Hamie, Flat 11, Mitre House, 149 Western Road, Brighton BN1 2AJ.

And please include a note indicating what the cheque is for and, if you are a UK tax payer, a statement that you “want Springboard to treat all donations you make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise as Gift Aid donations. I know that I must pay an amount of income/capital gains tax at least equal to the tax the charity reclaims on my donations in the tax year.” Thank you.

Class Class description Awards that
need funding
Speech & Drama
532 Acted Solo Scene (7-9 years) £10
533 Acted Solo Scene (9-11 years) £10
534 Acted Solo Scene (11-12 years) £10
535 Acted Solo Scene (12-13 years) £10
536 Acted Solo Scene (13-14 years) £20
537 Acted Solo Scene (14-16 years) £20
539 Senior Classical Acted Solo Scene (16-24 years) £40
540 Acted Solo Scene (16-24 years) £40
Jun Champ A Junior Championship 1st prize £30
Jun Champ A Junior Championship 2nd prize £15
Jun Champ B Junior Championship 1st prize £30
Jun Champ B Junior Championship 2nd prize £15
Int Champ Intermediate Championship 2nd prize £20
438 Dame Felicity Lott Recital Class 2nd prize £50
249 Junior Recital (14 years and under) 2nd prize £10
250 Senior Recital (15-19 years) 2nd prize £20
807 Woodwind Junior Recital £30
808 Woodwind Senior Recital £50